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Mindoor – Pit Spector’s first album to be released in August

July 5, 2020

Pit Spector

"Mindoor - Album"

Mindoor is the first album by Pierre Deniel aka Pit Spector. This album was produced in collaboration with 9 leading artists from the electronic music scene. This project for Logistic records is a continuation of the work provided by Pit for many years and which has already given birth to a series of several Maxis Ep initiated on his own label “Prospector”. On this first album Pit Spector surrounded himself with producers of geniuses such as: Dandy Jack, San Proper, Tin Man, The Mole, Cuthead, Ben Vedren, Ernesto Ferreyra, Dave Aju and Ark. 

“Vast landscapes of electronic music” 

These collaborations have enabled the learning and exchange of many production techniques leading to an album rich in color, eclectic not limited to any particular style. With Mindoor, Pit offers a unique journey into the vast landscapes of electronic music, sometimes sweet, groove, sexy – sometimes raw and funky. Each track has been precisely mixed by Pit Spector to create a homogeneous aspect despite different production techniques used for each track..