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Luc Ringeisen out on Zimotik Moldova

November 3, 2020

Luc Ringeisen

"Zimotik Moldova"
[ZMT 002]

It’s taken over a year – forgivable given the events of 2020 – but finally Moldova label Zimotik follows up its inaugural release with another high quality various artist offering. Bruno Pronsato is a man who has always made a big impact with minimal elects and here gets deep inside your brain and rewires it with trippy sines and deft motifs. Luc Ringeisen’s ‘Just Why’ then constructs a bendy and elastic groove that never sits still and constant chucks out smeared synths and warped pads, and Dubfound & Dopustim’s ‘The Short Bed’ then unfolds on a hiccuping groove, with lava-lamp style daubs of colour drifting up and down the mix.