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Keep Your Ears Open

January 26, 2021

"Keep Your Ears Open

"Crevette Records x Antena Kolektiv

Crevette Records is a vinyl shop in the heart of Brussels/Belgium focusing on club music and beyond. Don’t hesitate to visit the online shop for some fresh wax.

Their dedicated staff compiled this playlist to get your ears open. Have a listen to the music selected by Alfred Anders, Jakob and Walrus for Antena Kolektiv, curated by etape & cblous.

What music do you listen to when you’re on a drive to the river with your lover?
Cooking paella with your friends?
Dancing alone after your heart is broken?
Grooving with your dog in your living room?
Putting eyeshadow on before a party?
Or when the party’s over and you’re biking home?

“A space for all your moods.”

Each playlist is inspired by a different topic. After selecting the topics for the month, they choose artists from around the world and ask them to collaborate by hand picking songs. The selected collaborators (visual artists, djs, songwriters, producers, designers) will contribute to the four monthly playlists, with a chance of becoming permanent “regulars” in the collective.

When they have the songs, the curation begins. Once the curation is complete, the songs are merged into a full playlist that can be streamed through Spotify.

Although the collaborators and the listeners don’t know each other they become part of a bigger picture. They interrelate with each other in a net/ web of connection, just like what happens in everyday life.