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Joe Delon performs in Dança Sem Vergonha

September 4, 2020

Dança sem Vergonha

“Shameless Dance”

Joe Delon will perform in the contemporary dance piece “Dança Sem Vergonha” by choreographer David Marques, as part of the Materiais Diversos festival in Rome. After a sold-out premiere on the opening weekend of Festival Cumplicidades at Lisbon’s Rua das Gaivotas 6, the piece will now be shown at La Pelanda at 22h15 on 10 September. Joe‘s live DJ set features released and unreleased music by artists including Evano, Lerosa, Gwenan, Hiroma Keo, Raw Forest and Joe (Hessle Audio/Cómeme).

David Marques in his Dança Sem Vergonha explores the motor and cultural imaginaries linked to dance but from an intimate position, specifically that of his own room, in which “without shame” he indulges in dance and self-expression, confusing the plane of time and of space, public and private.

“Over the last few years I have been looking for ways and reasons to dance. I found the same pleasure both in dancing at home, in the studio and in the clubs, which pushed me to keep going. In front of few or no witnesses, this pleasure-motivated dance seemed to arise amidst unrestricted musical formalism and emotional expressiveness. Perhaps my ‘shameless dance’ exists exclusively in the theater and is only possible by crossing different spaces, times and motivations: the bedroom that I associate with childhood, the club of adolescence and the study of adulthood. Finally, the theater that I associate with the present, during a performance, by both spectators and other performers. This sensation / dance is immediate and meditated, simple and complex, referential and naive, abstract and symbolic, serious and fun.”

Perhaps my ‘shameless dance’ exists exclusively in the theater and is only possible by crossing different spaces, times and motivations



Danca Sem Vergonha also talks about the possibility that choreography has to change over the course of the piece: through the dance of our bodies, mine and those of the audience – which can be seen and felt for an hour. Anything that viewers take with them will be part of what the play is about, or maybe it has always been part of what the play has always been about. Surely the piece also speaks of the unmentionable things that viewers brought with them when the piece was staged in March in Lisbon.

Who or what – real or imaginary, present, past or future – do you think contributed to the birth of this work?

I think Joe (Joe Delon, the DJ on stage with me) contributed on many levels to the creation of this work, and not just because he was involved in the process from the very beginning. As a friend of mine he already followed my work, and ideas discussed with him ended up being the source of Danca Sem Vergonha . His approach to music and his shy nature and presence have been and still are a source of inspiration for me and for this dance. The object I choose is a vinyl by Lena D’Água (the singer we hear at one point in the play) that Joe gave me a couple of years ago.

What do you imagine will you say about this job in fifteen years? And fifteen years ago, would you ever have imagined doing it?

I have no idea what I will say about this work in fifteen years, but if I look into my crystal ball I see that I will say that I was a bit too polite in my approach to  Danca Sem Vergonha and that I was not aware of the melancholy of the piece as it I wore on stage. And yes, I think I actually started imagining this piece fifteen years ago, a little at a time… maybe I really have divinatory powers!

David Marques (Portugal, 1985) is a performer and choreographer. His work questions the issues of gaze and time, trying to create spaces for unlikely relationships on stage. He trained at the Escola Superior de Dança – IPL in Lisbon and at the Center Chorégraphique National de Montpellier . His individual works are Motor de Busca , KIN , Conquest , a choreographic adaptation of a score by Deborah Hay and Dança Sem Vergonha . With Ido Feder he developed the trilogy Bête de Scène / Images de Bêtes / THE POWERS That B and with Tiago Cadete Apagão. He runs seminars and occasionally teaches at institutions such as the Escola Superior de Dança – IPL, the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and Danslab Brussels. He is the founder of PARCA.

creation and dance David Marques
DJ live set Joe Delon
space Tiago Cadete
video Diogo Brito
costumes Tiago Loureiro
external eye Patrícia Milheiro
technical direction Gonçalo Alegria Estúdios
residences Victor Córdon and EIRA / Teatro da Voz

Organization and administration Vítor Alves Brotas
Production PARCA together with AGÊNCIA 25
Co-production PARCA and EIRA / Festival Cumplicidades
Support Curtas de Danca 2019 – DDD Festival Dias de Danca (for video development), Self-Mistake – Experimentation Scholarship 
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