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Intrinsic 32 • Shōen 荘園

October 9, 2020

To sit in space, to be in peace and drift outside of time, is the gift of sonic experience. Like opening up a book of sounds, Shõen narrates a story that is just as much about wonder and expansion, as it is fragility and introspection. Captured by its feeling of freedom and subtle qualities, once the door to the boundless world of ambient opened up to him he began to look for ways in which sound can be used to uplift and revitalise the mind and body.

Dimensions of emotion blossom open like the first flower of Spring – engulfed by the constant processes of death, rebirth, resistance, and yielding, it flows together like a verdant tonic for the soul. Bearing witness to the sequences of passages, they open and close like distant passing scenes. The sky turns blue and purple, the quiet moon folds into itself on the face of the lake, and unknown constellations above watch down with a knowing light.