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Gesellschaftliche Erwartung #18 – Melina Serser

April 12, 2021

Gesellschaftliche Erwartung #18 // Melina Serser

Mixed and compiled by @melinaserser

Our world is not round? True, it`s a geoid. This illusion of our perfect planet is so perfect it hurts. Translated in our minds to a spheric shape, this illusion gives us the feeling of being very special creatures on a very special planet. And maybe we are special, in our own way. We have no comparison, yet. Alone in the middle of dust, radioactive waves and black holes, our problems seem so beyond reality and still they seem to exist. (I guess the Matrix theory is just too easy, right?) Space and time will remain a questionable illusion, sometimes pleasant, cosy and warm but also harsh and without any mercy. Where are we going? Why are we here? Would cosmic nihilism help to heal our wounds of being this lonely stupid humanoids traveling through time and space on this dented round container? Well, i dont have the answer but… a mix by amazing Melina Serser.

This spaced out compilation helps to heal some of this universal wounds.

Go and check Melina’s Website. She is hosting an amazing Podcast series, where you can continue your journey to other dimensions.