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Gems Under The Horizon

March 3, 2021

A chill-out division of Basic Moves

"Gems under the Horizon"

This April will see Basic Moves inaugurate its new sub-label Gems Under The Horizon. This chill-out division of the main label is aiming to share more ambient, downtempo and mellow sounds. 

“And we all do love those mellow sounds!​ 

With GEMS1 the label welcomes

with ‘Up Goes The Green Flare’. Somni451 is notably known for his work on the likes of Astral Industries, Time Released Sound and his own self-titled imprint. Here the fellow Belgian tells us about his contribution to the a-side.

“Unexpectedly, the track is based around a chord from a song often played on the radio during the Second World War. The sample has been manipulated – it almost feels as if the music disappears into the mist. The title references the green flare shot into the sky that allied bomber squadrons took as a signal for take-off. (In case of a red light, they were to turn their engines off and run back to their quarters.) Hence the saying: “Up goes the green flare.”

On the b-side is Dylan
Thomas Hayes

’ ‘Where The Light Begins’, inspired by Dylan Thomas’ 1947 poem ‘Do not go gentle into that good night’. The composition, laid out over nine minutes, features hazy field recordings, textural atmospherics and warm low-end notes, while twinkling metallic tones ebb and flow throughout.

• • • Needless to say we are more than excited to kick off with these two stunning tracks • • •

The pleasing to the eye-artwork is by Dieter Durinck

Pre-ordering is made available through:

Bandcamp •

Crevette Records •