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Chronicles of the Five Senses

July 7, 2020

of the

Teaser 6th Sense

Everything started with a deep thoughts to the artists in March 2020 just before Europe reached a total lockdown. The idea is simple: we are inviting people from our surrounding (producers, creatives, designers, makers etc.) to share something at the crossroads of their memories, passed experiences and the current times. Between sound translation and human adventure: listen, stick to the present moment to enter the past.

To launch this project we wanted to present it with a visual interpretation. Léro, kindly accepted to challenge himself by creating this video under the prism of the “6th sense”.

Born in Paris, based in Berlin, he is a video maker who finds his inspiration in the urban jungle. Member of the Finow Zoo collective, for him video creation is connected to music. He’s creating music videos, vjing and party teasers. Discover through this teaser a timeless notion brought by the author Aldous Huxley: “The Doors of Perception”.