Eversines on 20/20 Vision

Amsterdam-based producer/DJ and ‘De Lichting’ co-founder ‘Eversines’ makes his 20/20 Vision debut with ‘Turning Blue’.

Between releasing forward-thinking dance-floor outings for labels such as Kalahari Oyster Cult and Nous’Klaer Audio, plus tapping into intricate otherworldly sound design, Eversines is one of the most exciting producers out there.

Eversines has been active in electronic music for over a decade, with an impressive back catalogue that explores the sonic fringes of contemporary electronic music, from ethereal rolling house to energetic yet dreamy electronic cuts.

‘Turning Blue’ sees Eversines intricately blend elements of house and techno to create a selection of beautifully formed club ready cuts.

A1 – Turning Blue

A2 – Retract

B1 – Vlaag

B2 – Clarity



Nitz on Futur Intel

Feedback Waves 001 – Palomatic

Feedback Waves – the new imprint from independent label Rings of Neptune – is proud to present Trill, the first and only album by Palomatic. Almost thirty years after its original release on CD in 1995, this beautiful nine-track work is now available on vinyl for the first time.

Palomatic is an alias of Koji Takahashi, an active member of the bubbling Japanese electronic music scene of the early-to-mid 90s. Besides his solo work, he was a core member of Takahashi Tektronix (with Nic Yoshizawa) and Mutron (with Kiyoshi Hazemoto, aka Interferon), as well as working as a synth programmer for supergroup Denki Groove.


Following the release of his debut track ‘Halo’ on Syzygy Records in 1993, Takahashi made a series of contributions to compilations on the scene-defining Transonic label. His first and only full-length album, Trill, combined these tracks with original material to form an absorbing and versatile standalone statement of the Palomatic sound.

From the oscillating lilt of ‘Flutter’, which opens proceedings at a measured 104bpm, through to the symphonic epilogue of ‘Soar’, Trill is rooted in the fertile territory between organic and synthetic sounds – ground that was nourishing the work of many likeminded producers worldwide at the time. West Coast psychedelia and East Coast funk, the moody bass weight of Bristol trip-hop and Sheffield bleep, and the chemical rush of German techno and Belgian trance: with a distinctly Japanese sensibility, Trill drew these strands together into an elegant musical tapestry. The result is timeless – indeed, album centrepiece ‘Foaming Waves’ would sound right at home on the faster-paced dancefloors of today.


This double LP features an alternative artwork by Feedback Waves co-founder Max Binski.

Get your copy: https://blackroundtwelve.com/product/palomatic-trill/

Atree releases new EP on Komplices

“Jo SZT welcomes Atree for the debut of his imprint Komplices.”

Atree’s new EP, “Start to Relax”, is out now on Jo SZT’s new imprint, Komplices. Featuring 4 tracks of dazzling contemporary house music, “Start to Relax” confidently showcases a diverse array of music aimed at different moments: Funky, Light-hearted music for cosy dance floors.

A1 ‘ Outflow ‘
A2 ‘ Sensible Counting Acab ‘
B1 ‘ Press Start ‘
B2 ‘ Relaxane ‘

Mastering by Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin
Manufactured at Objects Manufacturing, Berlin

Run by Jo SZT

Out now!