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Intrinsic 32 • Shōen 荘園

To sit in space, to be in peace and drift outside of time, is the gift of sonic experience. Like opening up a book of sounds, Shõen narrates a story
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Cosmic Connexion avec Shōen 荘園 & Tomesc

“Cosmic Connexion avec Shōen 荘園 & Tomesc | 04.07.20 “ Sound mixed and compiled by Shōen 荘園 & Tomesc.
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Interstellar Travel Guide – Volume I out now on Bandcamp

Rings ofNeptune—InterstellarTravel GuideVolume I To celebrate our debut, we gathered all our artists and challenged them to create music unbounded by genre-specific constrictions. “Interstellar Travel Guide” is a two-part compilation
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