Radio Hot Buns w/ Maxime dB at Kiosk Radio

AirFunk 002 Release

AirFunk 002


AirFunk 002 (AF002)

A1. Sweely – Feel Like a Star

A2. Aline Umber – Les Divas du Dancing (ft. Michou)

B1. Aladdin – Let It Go!

B2. Atree – The Revolution

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Airfunk’ Maxime dB imprint debuts with a VA


Maxime dB


AirFunk was born out of the musical collaboration between Maxime dB & Aline Brooklyn that has been growing over the past 10 years. The label mainly focuses on electronic music with deep-rooted influences of Pop, French touch and 2000’s electro style. AirFunk aims to highlight Pop music inside the underground scene with avant-garde sounds from a selection of young talents and friends that they have met throughout their journey.

For the first release AF001, Sweely, Arnic & Aline Umber take off with 4 tracks in line! Airy and Funky at the same time.



Maxime dB – Trommel InSession 076

Maxime dB

Trommel InSession 076


Hailing from the impressive Rings of Neptune stable of artists, Parisian artist Maxime dB is amassing plaudits at a remarkable rate. A regular at the finest beat emporiums around Europe and is a favoured spinner by the likes of Nostromo, Hoppetosse, Wildt, Café Barge, and the list is only growing bigger by the weekend. Not afraid to go against the grain Maxime’s addition to the RON Interstellar Travel Guide – Volume II took things in a more downtempo direction with his ‘1 Night in Paris’ jam.

With his sound laying somewhere between the 80’s and 90’s heyday of electronic and of course more contemporary influences, Maxime goes off the beaten track in search of tracks to populate his DJ sets. In a sea of serious AF house and techno Maxime’s sets cuts through all that to offer an altogether different musical journey. Not to say his music is not legit as he is what one might call a DJ’s DJ where two unexpectedly cohesive tracks make for perfect bedfellows. Dial this up to eleven and prepare to be taken on a journey with plenty of twists and turns.

Maxime dB mix for Beau Mot Plage

Beau Mot Plage 5.02

Maxime dB

Maxime dB is a rather discreet collector but he is on everyone’s lips at the moment.
He cultivates a strong eclecticism reflected in the artistic direction of his podcast channel Club Soba.

He regularly makes a splash behind the decks, like at Nostromo Festival or when he plays with his friend Dawidu, with whom he shares a sharp taste for tracks that come out of nowhere but make everyone crazy.

We are delighted to receive him for this podcast and we hope that he will put some “sunshine in your pocket”.

Maxime dB’s Psychedelic Blues on Club Soba

Club Soba 

Maxime dB

Maxime dB’s Psychedelic Blues
Feel in a warm room, when the sunset casts its last rays, a glass of Yamazaki in hand, and take a deep & smooth journey into the blues. Perfect time for a sensual night.

In the Bedroom by Yoshio Okada, 1974.

Club Soba launch – Curated by Maxime dB

Club Soba Launch

Curated by Maxime dB

“Discover Club Soba クラブ そば, the new electronic podcasts series run by Maxime dB. All podcasts will have a funk and post-rock aesthetic and are illustrated by Japanese prints from the 18, 19, 20th century.”

Club Soba w/ Dawidu
Dawidu’s Riffs On Jiff

The concept behind this podcast was to gather records with riffs of guitars, ranging from 80’s disco, to edits of well-known pop-rock songs and nostalgic melodies.

Kabuki Plays – Kagekiyo by Ueno Tadamasa, 1950s.