Joe Delon… IsBurning #113

Joe Delon


Is Burning #113


Lisbon bound label owner, radio host and writer @joedelon graces us with another entry in our podcast series. He’s a master at linking the elements of dance music’s past (disco breaks, Chicago basslines, the funk of electro and the bittersweet touch of Italo) with the best of its vivid present.

Joe Delon on Rinse FM

Joe Delon — Rinse FM


Butter Side Up with Midge Thompson & Joe Delon – 03 September 2022

Joe Delon & Penelope at Amazonas for The MUDD Show

Joe Delon joins new Lisbon collab Candy Carpets

Joe Delon will play at the first party organized by a new collective in Lisbon.
Candy Carpets is a collaboration between Lisbon record shop/distro/label/publisher Carpet & Snares and Candy Carpets, a new association set up by Berghain residents Steffi and Virginia at their home studio in the hills of the region of Mafra, not far from the city. Their first party will be an all-night rave held at Nada Temple on Tuesday 30 November (the day after is a public holiday).

“Something was sending out signals from the hills of Sobral Da Abelheira. It was showing up on the sensors at Carpet HQ in Lisbon. Something big. Something fun. Something…sugary? There was only one thing to do: the Carpet team piled into a car and set off in search of Candy Mountain…”

The vibe is an old-style rave for new horizons and on the night there will be sets from Steffi x Virginia, Carpet boss Jorge Caiado, and Joe Delon (Welt Discos) x Roy (Dream Ticket).

Visit RA to snatch 5€ early birds or, once those are gone, 10€ first release tickets.