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Basic Moves’s 13th record by Signal Kommt is out now.

September 4, 2020

Signal Kommt

"Basic Move 13"

Basic Move‘s 13th release is out now, and features six original works from the Uruguayan talent Signal Kommt, aka Z@P. The 2xLP is the humble result of a love for sharing, patience and pure dedication to underground club culture. 

“In Uruguay the public is very ​open and curious about all sounds​ 

“I see myself more as a guide than a teacher. I’ve been around since the beginning and I love sharing my knowledge to help others. When it comes to technique, many years of experience have taught me one critical lesson: each DJ has ​to discover their own path​ as much as possible. This is especially true in South America where it’s hard to get hold of music. We really have to be creative so we don’t all sound the same!”

DJ Koolt introduces Basic Moves 13:

“I met Nando ​(Signal Kommt)​ in 2003 or so. I was resident at the fabled Milenio Club in Montevideo – the birthplace for a generation of friends and DJs. I’d see Nando there at the weekends, then during the week we would hang out at a local record shop, and over time we
forged a beautiful friendship. That era was amazing! We were crazy about UK tech house and breakbeat and we also dug a lot of US and French sounds: Siesta, Tango, Robsoul, Brett Johnson, David Duriez… But you would always hear different styles. Even with the minimal explosion there were other places where you could hear deep house through to drum n bass. In Uruguay the public is very ​open and curious about all sounds​, old and new, and they do their research.”