Eversines & Pieter Jansen at Future Intel

Eversines & Pieter Jansen —
Future Intel


Evano New Album “Twin Paradox”

Twin Paradox


In physics, the twin paradox is a thought experiment in special relativity involving identical twins, one of whom makes a journey into space in a high-speed rocket and returns home to find that the twin who remained on Earth has aged more.

 It is also the title of the album by acclaimed Slovenian DJ, producer and sound designer Evano, whose intuition and musical pedigree often make him seem like the space-travelling twin to his fans and peers.

Always operating out of left field, his ubiquitous approach was inspired by the concepts of duality and tangentiality which are reflected in the works on offer here. Deconstructed club rhythms that tickle the brain as much as the feet and sparse, dubby compositions exist alongside bitcrushed downtempo funk and luscious psychedelic soundscapes. 

“Twin Paradox” invites repeated listening and perfectly showcases the author’s talent and sonic breadth, injecting hid experimental IDM with a sense of humour.

Penelope for Trommel InSession

trommel InSession Podcast


Having already released on Mari.te’s Tresydos imprint and For Playful Manners, French born, Lisbon based artist Penelope is another darling of the selector house scene.

 Regularly carting her trusty record bag around the world’s airports, she also has a solid foundation in her adopted Portuguese home. When behind the decks, she can often be seen with a glint in her eye and playful smirk on her face as she knows the reaction her insane bombs will have when they drop.

Her cosmic, often dreamy, sometimes pitch black musical direction is fantastically tempered with outrageously diverse moods and basslines to die for. Penelope’s mix for Trommel podcast series is a trip through electro dreams that stops off in all manner of locations along the way. 

Heavy undulating basslines, arping synths and body rocking drums signal the arrival of yet another finely weighted addition to the InSession lineage. 

There is no better way to kick off your weekend.

Inside Out Ep – Katie Drover

Katie Drover

Inside Out


Few artists have touched the sound of Serialism like Katie Drover. Deep beyond all measure. Ethereal. Pure. Hailing from Melbourne but now living in Berlin, Katie – also head of the finest Dokutoku Records – is one of our favourites out there, and she’s back with “Inside Out” EP, another classy and elegant release. On the remix side, we welcome maestro Maher Daniel who makes his Serialism debut with a hefty remix.

Kicking off with “Done Deal”, the track unveils along rigid 909 patterns and resonating synths, shimmering and evolving spectacularly throughout its length, whilst “Inside Outside” crosses breakbeat patterns with pulsating basslines, analog pads, and terrific atmospheres.

On the flip, The Other Side boss Maher Daniel takes the lead with a dried-out, dreamlike version of “Nothing Special”, reducing things to a minimum by relying on jazzy minimal drum patterns and chords to guide you through the early morning light . Rounding out the package, the beatless “Dawdling” is everything you need to think about the journey you just witnessed.

Get your copy here


Rubi & Cleymoore – Live at Dimensions 2022

Live at Dimensions 2022


Rubi & Cleymoore


We’re taking a trip back to the Olive Grove, this time with Rubi & Cleymoore. We’re delighted to share the recording of their opening set from a hazy Saturday afternoon last summer; The perfect balance of soothing sounds, downtempo selections, through to deeper house sounds that set us up perfectly for the night ahead.

Recorded live at Dimensions 2022, Olive Grove, Saturday 3rd September.

ISH – The Ancient Benefits Of Rhythm And Repetition


The Ancient Benefits Of Rhythm And Repetition


After several releases on European imprints such as System Error, Burbi, and Griffé.

The irreverent and cleaver Swiss producer takes his sound across the pond for the Nashville Based Imprint. With a brilliant Ep titled

The Ancient Benefits of Rythmm and Repetition.

An Irrefutably club tool four-tracker that can sound haunted and dark but also provides that tint of light, deeper into mental wizardry, Bolstering electro/progressive that transforms into a sonic blitz but also keeping a cinematic and darker side of drum ‘n’ bass and broken beats. A story tale that sublimely phases into multiple layers of rhythm that infuses a HI-NRG sound that traverses the trance-techno-rave intersection.


Tierra Sónica w/ Marie K

Tierra Sónica

Marie K

Through the trials and tribulations of life. Music has been my refuge, my sanctuary. A space to heal and grow, to feel and express.
I stand proud, a daughter of music and femininity.A warrior of light, a storyteller of truth.My music, my art, my essence, my voice.
Here’s to all the women out there, with strength and power beyond compare. May we always rise above the strife, and embrace the beauty of our womanly life.
This episode will be a tribute to International Women’s Day – in the company of none other than Marie K:
Marie K is a Dutch DJ and producer based in Rotterdam. Coming from a classical background, she always strives to tell an emotional story while at the same time creating an energy that makes people want to move. Her richness in facets shows by how she expresses herself via live sets and DJ sets while staying groovy, dreamy, yet dance-oriented in both, as she believes dancing is therapeutic for the soul.


Eversines – Dwang on ninih




Eversines returns to Pieter Jansen’s yeyeh/ninih platform with his second solo album, Dwang, an evocative sonic exploration of the themes of inner struggles and personal growth. Sequenced like a DJ set, Dwang traverses dreamy ambient, breaks, acid techno and trance over four sides of vinyl, telling a compelling story about the peace we can find when we yield to a higher flow.

Four years on from Bloei EP (ninih002) and his bewitching collaboration with Theremin soloist Carolina Eyck, Waves (yeyeh002), Eversines returns to Pieter Jansen’s yeyeh/ninih platform with his second solo album, Dwang.

The intervening period has seen the Dutch producer release a string of EPs on dancefloor staples like De Lichting, Kalahari Oyster Cult and Wex, all while performing his particular brand of cross-genre dreaming music in DJ and live sets at clubs and festivals across Europe.

The ‘Dwang’ album will have 500 copies pressed and is out 20th of April at your fav record web/store.

Pre-order: https://yeyehninih.bandcamp.com/album/dwang