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Ruben Lombroso

Turin, IT



Artist bio

Ruben Lombroso, currently based in Turin, Italy, is a DJ, sound artist, composer and also live performer with the project Shampoo Douglas.

He graduated from the Institute of Sonology at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. A synthesizer enthusiast, an avid records digger and collector, his works in the electroacoustic and experimental fields have been played and performed through various European concert halls and festivals, while his more recent side of rhythmic investigation found shelter on dance record labels such as Pager Records, Pluie\Noir, Sports Records, as well as hitting various dance-floors with DJ performances, from rave situations to playing in pivotal clubs around Europe (such as Club Der Visionaere, Robert Johnson, Frieda’s Büxe, Dottor Sax). 

A true underground player, Ruben’s productions are released under a number of different monikers and collaborations, such as La Decima Vittima, Sensei Slicer, Shampoo Douglas and many more. In his bag of records you’ll find a mixture of cosmic funk, acid grooves and deep wonky sonic voyages for every kind of soul.

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