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Orbit Of Ecstasy




By letting presence and place determine art, Orbit of ecstasy explores an unique awareness culture to its full extent. It is a platform to raise humanity, including the unexpected, the rejected, the ignored, and the failure- in short: working for peace and envision a better world through the freedom of speech, where the arts interact active and independently. Orbit of ecstasy has found its sonic identity by opening up this visionary power to its present. Classical pieces by Bach or Skrjabin can open a door to ecstasy, creating knowledge in the moment.

It can touch the inherent wisdom, the common ground which has been paved the way through: Nikola Tesla (Researcher- founder of the Orgon energy), Agnes Martin (paint- er – mirroring cosmic realities with Color, size, intensity and numbers), Karin v.Maur (Author of „Klang der Bilder“), Zip and Sammy Dee (including humor and relentless smile in electronic music). Accepting spirituality as preform of a fearless state of mind is highly individual and can only be answered by presenting each protagonist independently: Florian Haik Schirmacher (Piano, Electronic) collaborated rst with Pantytec (Zip and Sammy Dee) in the electronic art world. Coming from a percussive band, „Drum Spirit“, he debuted as a singer, which was accompanied by Soulcapsule (Baby Ford and Thomas Melchior) and Larry Heard, who both remixed his rst tracks.

He Co- founded Bands like Wareika, Hatikvah, Here Today, Prime Origin and Federleicht to point out a different sense of community. Especially with his label FormResonance, as a platform for electronic research. Keeping the omnidirectional spirit can’t be more acknowledged by knowing that Florian Haik Schirmacher studied classical music, Theology and got a philosophical degree based on Kierkegaard’s understanding of Freedom – teaching yoga in prison and following the line of Kriya yoga since more than twenty years. As a main influence, he points out: Giorgio Morandi, Agnes Martin, Tikiman and Skrjabin. He lives in a communal space in Esterholz, Germany.

Orbit of ecstasy includes mistakes, failures, humor and accepts spiritual apprentice- ship to bridge Integrity and Identity fractions to gain an omnidirectional intuitive listening. To foster a culture of consent / safe space.

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