Joe Delon mix for Dimensions Festival


Joe Delon

Up next on the Dimensions mix series, we welcome Welt Discos boss Joe Delon.

A regular at London parties Spaced and beyond, Joe is well known for delivering the unexpected, drawing from the darkest corners of his imaginative collection.

From acid to disco, deep house to garage, Joe navigates us through the next 70 minutes in his unfaltering style.

Catch him at Dimensions this summer on the Beach Stage Up.

Luc Ringeisen on Fasten Musique

Luc Ringeisen

Fasten Musique


Luc Ringeisen – Buchlerheim EP


Release: 2021/08/15

Tracklist 12″
A1 – Insistante
B1 – Buchlerheim

Eris at HÖR


Warning at HÖR

Unreleased Archives vol. 5 by Luc Ringeisen

Luc Ringeisen

Unreleased Archives vol. 5



Please leave a message when checking out with your track list for each side to create a custom dubplate made with PVC blanks, we will produce it and ship from Berlin (max 2 tracks per side if both tracks are under 6m. 20s. each, but the best is 1 track per side for max volume/sound quality). The dubplates are playable as many times as regular vinyl records


for local pick up in Berlin without shipping fees please select the “A la Carte – local pick up in Berlin” option in the MERCH section of the page

Maxime dB’s Psychedelic Blues on Club Soba

Club Soba 

Maxime dB

Maxime dB’s Psychedelic Blues
Feel in a warm room, when the sunset casts its last rays, a glass of Yamazaki in hand, and take a deep & smooth journey into the blues. Perfect time for a sensual night.

In the Bedroom by Yoshio Okada, 1974.

New track Thelxinoé by Shōen

Shōen — Thelxinoé


To sit in space, to be in peace and drift outside of time, is the gift of sonic music experience. Like opening up a book of sounds, Shõen narrates a story that is just as much about wonder and expansion, as it is fragility and introspection. Captured by its feeling of freedom and subtle qualities, once the door to the boundless world of ambient opened up to him he began to look for ways in which sound can be used to uplift and revitalise the mind and body.

Dimensions of emotion blossom open like the first flower of Spring – engulfed by the constant processes of death, rebirth, resistance, and yielding, it flows together like a verdant tonic for the soul. Bearing witness to the sequences of passages, they open and close like distant passing scenes. The sky turns blue and purple, the quiet moon folds into itself on the face of the lake, and unknown constellations above watch down with a knowing light.

Nies releases Poèmes Électroniques #2


Poèmes Électroniques #2

I dream of places
far beyond
the world has changed
are you going to protect me
the evolution will not be
the revolution will not be
I choose my words carefully
I wonder
what did I want
to forget
how should we live
in old forms
entired planet
we are coming from the same
make it better

Spoken Word Series by Nies
Mastering David Gluck
Soundscapes Luca Gluck & Nies
Visual Eyekino

Bside Incoming Cleymoore

 Bside Incoming 



Hot on the heels of his record label showcase, the Pluie/Noir boss is treating us to another quality episode packed full of Bside gems from his own personal collection. It is with great pleasure we present: Cleymoore.

Originally from Lisbon, Portugal, Bruno Santos has been honing his craft in Berlin where his proficiency in graphic design and music production have combined to create an original and expressive audio/visual flavour to his style.

His founding of Pluie/Noir and co-management of Rings of Neptune has not pushed only himself, but given platform to rising artists such as Vlad Caia, Diogo and Atree, as well as veterans like Peter Inspirescu and Fumiya Tanaka

His talent at the turntables has taken him to some awesome clubs and festivals across the world, so what a privilege to welcome Cleymoore to the Bside podcast and share his treasured collection with the world: We’ll join him on his ongoing exploration of IDM and all its derivatives, dreamy DnB, electro, and left-field house music.

Cleymoore’s soundcloud – @cleymoore
His Instagram –
Pluie-Noir’s soundcloud – @pluie-noir

Thanks to Molly Hickey for the beautiful artwork as always. Check out her art here and message her!

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