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Rings of Neptune is, above all, an audiovisual team of DJs, label owners, graphic designers and, obviously, music lovers. Together, we possess a clear artistic vision and a thorough understanding of the market, a genuine love for art and all its forms of expression.

All the artists we are working with are both recording and performing artists, some of them started their career more than a decade ago, while others are up and coming, but no less remarkable. Even though our focus is in the electronic music scene, most of the artists of our collective are incredibly versatile, and their music goes beyond specific genres.

We want them to keep expanding their qualities beyond the club setting. Whether you need music for a movie, an event or your brand identity, our 10-years experience in Artistic Direction is here to help you find the perfect fit.

We work with our artists to produce on-demand original music for all types of contents: TV series & movies, documentaries, ads, events & video games.

We developed our services to bring a tailor-made response to brands and content creators and build a unique & recognisable sound identity that will align with a specific DNA.

Well aware of the specificities required to integrate music into audiovisual works, we offer post-production & sound design services together with our partners in Berlin, Paris & Amsterdam.


We have in-house Audio & Visual artists who can work from concept to realisation of audiovisual productions, approaching each project with remarkable versatility and a fine-tuned audio-visual direction. 


From websites, billboards, posters, album artworks, zines or even books, we offer an array of design & copy work hat range from content development to creative direction. Our in-house team of graphic, print & web designers has over a decade of work experience and a fine-tuned artistic direction. 



We a have delicately curated catalogue of music that spans a multitude of genres and a vast array of moods, ready to be synchronised with your media. Our experts will help you find the perfect fit for your project taking full advantage of the original music released on our imprints, as well as creating or editing exclusive content with absolute rights clearance, delivering broadcast-ready content.


Our versatile roster of artists can help you produce the music for your visual content, helping you in materialising your vision. Our team of engineers, sound designers and composers will help you sync suitable audio material to your visual content. We work on music, sound design, foley, effects, dialogues, and also help you with the entire editing, mixing & mastering process.


We have been organising events for the past ten years, and we are happy to help you realise your idea. We offer operations, on-site, logistics, location scouting and creative input. Under our supervision we’ll ensure your event runs smoothly and that your public will experience uniquely crafter moments.