Chronicles of the 5 Senses #1

Chronicles of the 5 senses

Episode #1: Nies
“Matching Scents”

Her origins cross two entire continents. Her artistic vision blends mediums and our collective plays with genres and aesthetics. You got it right if you think that you can’t put Denise Gluck in a box. When we decided to start our chronicles, she was the first person we wanted to interview. She accepted immediately and supported us in this initiative. Bright, calm, and accurate are the adjectives popping up when thinking back to this moment we shared with her.

Denise is today the matriarch behind Rings of Neptune. In this podcast you will discover her through her plural identities: from her childhood in the countryside to the city girl she became. 

We hope you will enjoy this encounter as much as we did!

“I like to
combine image with sound; it stimulates an extra sense between what you see and what you hear.”


Nies choose
five tracks that
her to each
of the five senses :

The touch:
Carolina Eyck & Eversines

The hearing:
Rei Harakami Feat. Ikuko Harada

The smell:
Super Numeri
“The Electric Horse Garden”

The sight:
Alessandro Cortini
“Amaro Amore”

The taste:
“Wild Chamber”

Concept & Realization: KHMGNFF & Virna Diane
Artwork: Max Binski
Credit Audio:
Overshift – An Unfamiliar Predicament
Group Of Gending Guna Saih Sondong – Shekeha Gamelan

Chronicles of the Five Senses

of the

Teaser 6th Sense

Everything started with a deep thoughts to the artists in March 2020 just before Europe reached a total lockdown. The idea is simple: we are inviting people from our surrounding (producers, creatives, designers, makers etc.) to share something at the crossroads of their memories, passed experiences and the current times. Between sound translation and human adventure: listen, stick to the present moment to enter the past.

To launch this project we wanted to present it with a visual interpretation. Léro, kindly accepted to challenge himself by creating this video under the prism of the “6th sense”.

Born in Paris, based in Berlin, he is a video maker who finds his inspiration in the urban jungle. Member of the Finow Zoo collective, for him video creation is connected to music. He’s creating music videos, vjing and party teasers. Discover through this teaser a timeless notion brought by the author Aldous Huxley: “The Doors of Perception”.