ERIS – Trommel InSession 060

Trommel InSession 060


The dynamic duo of Enrica Falqui & Dea treads a bombastic line between breaks, electro leaning beats and of course everybody’s favourite buzz word ‘minimal’. Having turned out for some of our communities discerning platforms including Brave! Factory, HOR and The MUDD Show we couldn’t wait for them to show us what they are made of.

As you will be able to tell from their podcast for our InSession mix series they waste no time in warming things up and are not afraid in going too far in one direction. Their left of centre selections bristle with the kind of grooves and beats that explode a dancefloor and keeping the BPM’s high they take you along for the ride every time. Attitude is the name of the game with this mix so if you are needing an injection then press play and enjoy…

Enrica Falqui show on Refuge Worldwide Radio

Refuge World Wide Radio

Enrica Falqui

Shifting landscapes – a musical journey through diverse landscapes, as a train of thoughts moves from impression to impression, music carries us to different countries and different flavours.

More on Refuge.

Enrica Falqui – Plexus (MR-04)

Enrica Falqui – Plexus (MR-04) 


Following a fallow 2020, Marginal Returns is proud to present the solo debut of Enrica Falqui (already known as half of Cabaret’s ERIS, and half of Yhdessa alongside Grand River).

‘Plexus’ splits the difference between Falqui’s ambient and dance floor modes with music for present days and future nights.

IDE003 – Ydhessa

[Aimée Portioli and Enrica Falqui]


IDE003 contains 4 remixes from the release IDE002 (Jiska Huizing & Rudi Valdersnes, 2019, Ideophone Records) by well known artists rRoxymore, Yhdessa, Nkisi and newcomer JIJU.

“Each artist has really managed to make the original tracks their own and their unique sounds and styles really shine in this very diverse collection of remixes, from experimental dancefloor tracks to ambient.”

rRoxymore’s remix of Ballad is a playful dancefloor track with a lot of bounce, intriguing details and unexpected turns. Halfway in we are surprised with a twist, as the light rhythms of the first part of the track turn around a different corner. The haunting, dubby atmosphere of the original track is explored and stretched in rRoxymore’s version, and turned into a remix that keeps the listener (dancing) on their toes.

Yhdessa (Aimée Portioli and Enrica Falqui) brings out the warm side of Dunes in their remix. A simplicity in the amount of elements in this remix is the basis on which Yhdessa builds a beautiful track with modulating melodies and a constant drive forward. The delicacy of the sounds, its variations and the track’s immersive build up in combination with its rather sudden end, leaves us wanting for more and press repeat, repeat, repeat.

Nkisi’s remix of Sailor Song conjures up a group of sirens that grabs you by the throat right from the start and doesn’t let you go until you have danced your shoes to pieces. The hypnotic and haunting seductive powers of the sirens are supported by Nkisi’s evolving drum patterns and the strong kick catalyzes energy and warmth that runs throughout the whole track. This is a track to be played with your volume on full and enough place to be able to dance it out.

JIJU (Jiska Huizing and Julie Silset) is the newcomer on IDE003, releasing their first remix together. Known as a DJ-duo, they have made an ambient remix of ‘Cave’ which rounds off the release. Using the track’s field recordings and manipulating the small sounds of the water droplets in this cave into percussive and melodic elements, they have created a meditative reflection through a soundscape that seems to be constantly changing. This is just the start of JIJU!

Eris – The MUDD Show – Compilation


The MUDD Show

 Kickstarter Compilation


This compilation has been created exclusively for The MUDD Show’s Kickstarter campaign – Thanks to all of the artists for their contributions – Markus Sommer, Robert Dietz, Z@p, DJ Tjizza, Huerta, ERIS, Vagara, Ethel, Ish, Onirik & Aut0m8.

The compilation will be available to exclusively through Kickstarter. Head to the campaign page via the link below to find out how you can purchase it and support our cause.

Mastered by Francesco Salvadori @ NUKE Studios, Berlin

Aut0m8 – Junkyard Lizard
Huerta – Nakata Dub
Robert Dietz – Climax Selecter
ISH – Oceans Of Immaterial Energy Fields
DJ Tjizza – Ketch7up
Onirik – Pheonix Station
ERIS – Existing
Ethel – Dystopia
Vagara – Some Dayz Iz Blue
Markus Sommer – Bebe Care
Z@p – FDAT

The MUDD Show – Cleymoore and Eris

The MUDD Show is a media platform and event series, hosting livestreams and physical gatherings at carefully selected intimate venues. Highlighting and elevating artists on the periphery is central to our mission.

Berlin’s well esteemed club Hoppetosse/CDV facilitated & allowed The MUDD Show to bring the club to your screens during these unprecedented times, inviting incredible talents both old and new.

Cleymoore and Eris played during different MUDD Show Streams earlier this year. You can check out both their sets below, now in HD. Don’t forget to support the The Mudd Show guys by sending a little donation. Follow The MUDD Show to stay up to date with their next endeavors: