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Pressure Point

Milan, IT



Artist bio

aka D:fferent Place

Italian DJ and producer born in 1988, he started to spin records when he was 14. Raised among minimal and house music, Pressure Point brings together the influences of these two genres through his production as well as his carefully curated DJ sets.

Pressure Point’s music quickly gained recognition, releasing his productions on labels such as Sol Asylum and Residual Recordings in the last years, as well as founding his own label his own label Telharmonic Texture in 2017, releasing music from artists such as Akufen, Paradroid, Jeff Samuel.

His music is distinguished by a mixture of elaborated sounds, complex groove compositions, randomized fast-paced and a typically deep, melodic sound synthesis. His productions are enclosed for the large part; composed of synthesizers, modular synth, wonky sounds and nano-loops. All designed by sequencer step, triggers and creative impulses to create a harmonious, unsteady gait. 

Pressure Point is also D:fferent Place – with this moniker he produces and self-publishes records adding house influences to its signature style.

2021 sees Pressure Point releasing a collaboration track with Christopher Ledger on Meander, as well as an original EP on Pluie/Noir and the 5th record of the D:fferent Place series into the second part of the year.

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