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Peter F. Spiess

Düsseldorf, DE



Artist bio

Peter F. Spiess is no new comer, especially to those akin to a type of ultra minimized dance music explored between the late 90’s and the early 00’s. Peter’s one of those artists blessed with an unparalleled ability to abstract and simplify dance music down to its purest elements: sonic bare-bones, both rich and impactful. 

Peter F. Spiess is classically trained since the age of 6. His first attempts on electronic music programming blossomed in 1987 on the Commodoer-64 with it’s furious SID Chip. This time left a strong appreciation of analogue Sound Synthesis which lasts up to today. He bought his first Synthesizer in 1991 doing all the sequencing on an Atari STe. Years of experimental and amateur music- making passed which lead into the developement of an own musicial idea, strongly influenced by minimal style electronic music. 

His releases date back to the mid 90s, on imprints packed with a unique guild of producers of strong sound signatures, all close or even under the Ongaku umbrella: Frankfurt’s legendary label for electronic music with class, home of both Playhouse and Klang Elektronik, the latter being one of Peter’s main output channels, along with Alpha, Contexterior or Adjunt. 

Due to the unique combination of minimal techno, house, jazz, noise and splashes of electro, his early releases are still integral part of many dj’s record bags. Crystal Polymorphs, the artist’s only album over the last 20 years, is a bold collection of memorable electronic music cuts that achieved a low-key cult-status between diggers and djs alike from all around the globe. 

His live sets are wild and groovy journeys through a world full of unexpected sounds that never seize to move the dancing crowd. They consists or rearranged tracks of his back catalogue being remixed and edited live in ever evolving ways. In between strange dream capes of atmospheric sound, various kinds of sonic mayhem is carefully laid out as the rhythmic foundation to your dancing pleasure. Expect to hear his music always in new and crazy ways. 

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