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Amsterdam, NL




One of the long-time resident at Closer club, Kyiv’s most renowned clubbing institution, Noizar is a Ukranian DJ recently relocated to Amsterdam. He is the owner of the vinyl-only label Wicked Bass, on which he releases records from both Ukrainian and international talents and runs homonymous parties since 2010. 

In the years that followed, Noizar gained recognition for his performances both solo and in b2b with his friend and colleague Borys – the two often closed the night at Closer creating unique moments and participating in the crafting the vibe the club has become known worldwide for. Borys also debuted with his latest record on the Wicked Bass imprint.

Noizar’s DJing style is uniquely sharp and groovy – behind the decks he shows a key focus on detailed performances, from the selections to his technical abilities, aspects which have brought him touring around the world, playing gigs in cities such as Tokyo, Berlin, Seoul, Paris, Tbilisi and many more.

Whether playing in a sweaty nightclub or recording carefully curated mixtapes for independent radio shows, Noizar’s sound goes far beyond conventional house or techno, always offering a sleek twist, incorporating broken rhythms and nuanced, layered melodies.

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