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Maxime dB

Paris, FR



Resident Advisor

Artist bio

Maxime dB, deeply established in the Parisian music scene, is a passionate vinyl collector and versatile DJ known for seamlessly blending funk, electro, techno and house in his electrifying sets. 
Born in Paris, Maxime’s musical journey has been enriched by globetrotting adventures, shaping his soulful approach to music.

From classical piano training to curating his eclectic vinyl collection, music has always been his true passion. With over 13 years of experience, Maxime has honed his unique style—a fusion of modern sophistication with nostalgic grooves from the 80s and 90s.

In 2022, Maxime launched AirFunk alongside Aline Brooklyn, his brainchild embodying his musical ethos—centered on electronic music with a blend of Pop, French touch, and 2000s electro influences.

His performances have graced stages worldwide, from clubs and festivals. Additionally, he ventured into music production in 2020, marking his debut with a release on Rings of Neptune and more recently with the renowned “Tribute to Malibu” and other releases on AirFunk, Velvet Spirit, Pager & Aline Brooklyn records featuring Aline Umber.




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