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Maxime dB

Paris, FR



Resident Advisor

Artist bio

Maxime dB was born in Paris and grew up his soul through many trips accross the globe. His first steps in music were through the piano at the conservatory, now his real addiction is to share his music through his vinyls collection. After 13 years of experience he acquired an extensive and creative collection with no stylistic boundaries and found his own style : a particular groove when modern sophisticated meets the 80s and 90s.

He launched his own label AirFunk in 2022 which reflects is own approach – a strong focus on electronic music with deep-rooted influences of Pop, French touch and 2000’s electro style.

He played in France, USA, Japan, Portugal, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Sweden in clubs and festivals and started producing in 2020 with a first release on Rings of Neptune.

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