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Luc Ringeisen

Berlin, DE


Romain Riem-Vis


Artist bio

Born In France where he received musical education from the national conservatory and experienced the explosion of Techno Music in Europe in the midd 90’s, it is in Ibiza/Spain that Luc Ringeisen started to produce music and did his first experiences as a DJ in the outdoor rave scene.

He founded there the records store Vinyl Club in 2003, witch has been an important element in the spread of new styles of underground electronic music in Ibiza in the past decade together with promoters and club owners such as Circoloco, Ibiza Underground or Cocoon. (The underground dance scene in Ibiza was till then limited to outdoor Goa parties, while the island mega clubs were famous for their more commercial oriented house music).

Nowadays his residency with DeWalta at Club Der Visionaere and the label Vinyl Club became references, while his studio work is now about experimenting technologies like surround possibilities for club-music amongst others, and the production of an album and live show in quadraphonic surround.

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