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Artist bio

Previously working from his wooden hut in the middle of the French Riviera, Legri decided to move to Paris, planning to develop his skills in one of the most burning European scenes for electronic music. His musical inspirations came in the form of Funk, Hip-Hop and 90’s House, which he was listening with his father in the back of the family bakery.

This is where he first hears sets from his favourite artists, as Dyed Soundorom, Zip or Riccardo Villalobos and many more. Formerly part of Cab 25 music, a duo with his best friend Sylvain, he wished to launch himself as solo DJ, in order to fully express his sensitivity and emotions during his sets. He started to play in several clubs and bars all around the French capital, sharing the line-up with some great artists such as Denis Kaznacheev, Lowris, David Gluck, Lamache, Dan Andrei & James Dean Brown.

His love for groovy samples, melodic sounds and pronounced deep basses make his sets as dancing as eclectic.

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