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Katie Drover


DJing is as much an art form, as it is entertainment; finding the right records to move the dancefloor is one thing but giving audiences something to take away from the experience is quite another. Katie Drover knows how to take people to that next level injecting her performances with a captivating energy and passion that’s made her an immediate standout wherever she plays.

A prodigious musical talent, Drover immersed herself in music from an early age, playing piano and saxophone and having a strong passion for classical music, jazz and blues. Katie’s insatiable musical hunger meant she’d soon discover a liking for Lounge, Trip Hop and Acid Jazz, revelling in the likes of Tricky and downbeat 90s masters Portishead and Massive Attack.

From the time she was 16 years old, Drover’s desire to have her own proper slice of the dance music action led her to sneak into dance clubs and illegal raves where she was able to see how DJs controlled dancefloors and she was instantly fascinated by the energy in these rooms.

With a natural flair for blending a divergent array of sounds into one seamless flow, Katie’s impact was instantaneous. Encompassing the full breadth of the house genre – from minimal, deep, to disco and electro – she’d drop it all, drawing influence from everyone from Billie Holiday and Nils Frahm to Matthew Herbert and DBX.

A favourite amongst Melbourne’s punters, Katie held an enviable list of residencies, knocking out the goods at the most well-known clubs in the city. Her ever-growing popularity also ensured she was able to travel to interstate and international parties ensuring she has the dancefloor’s seal of approval. Now she resides in Berlin where she has monthly residencies at Watergate and Golden Gate and plays regularly in the city known for its diverse record spinning talent.

An artist whose passion for dance music spreads far and wide, Katie has also hosted and been a guest on multiple radio shows including Triple J and Kiss FM, has taught classes on DJing and production and also runs her own record label Dokutoku Records which has showcased artists like Tom Ellis, Alexkid and Gullaume & the Coutu Dumonts. Add to that her recent string of elegant productions on Lobster Theremin, Pleasure Zone, Carpet & Snares, and on her own imprint few, would disagree that the sky’s the limit for Katie Drover. 

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