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Ljubljana, SL



Artist bio

Evano is a DJ and electronic music producer from Ljubljana, Slovenia now working and living in Berlin. His musical journey began back in 2004 when he co-founded an association for the development of electronic music in Slovenia called Phonotouch. In 2011 he started working with event agency and label Colours Music which opened him doors for his first international gigs.

Evano has released his music on Archipel, PHI, Pluie/Noir, Colours Music, Škuc Ventilator and Založba Radia Študent. He produced music and sound collages for Slovenian Theater Mladinsko in 2015 and ACUD Theater Berlin in 2016. His interest in sound collage, and music for theatre and dance performance, has recently found a home under the project AMOLAB. Co-founded Imaginary Radio Stations in Berlin (2017).

As a DJ with wide-reaching tastes and an ear for the unusual, Evano plays music for connoisseurs and those with a sense of adventure.

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