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Aline Raphael

Artist bio

Evolving in Berlin’s underground scene for a decade now, Aline has with no doubt achieved to define her perception of electronic music. As a dj, she already took control of the most wanted dj booth the city has to offer, sharing her groove and endless energy with no compromises. Her music selection can be defined as a very finest research of grains, textures, minimalistic structures and hypnotic sounds always pushed by never ending groovy rhythms.

She keeps expanding her productions skills since she released an first EP on Benjamin Fehr’s Catenaccio label and has now started to work on an album project. She is also teaming up (as Amium -with Leiris & Akatana for diverse multi-hands projects which grandly inspires her.

In march 2016 she started a podcast serie named LAB Experience, fashioned by the seasons as its cornerstone, where she invites the artists she admires to explore their own artistic interpretation of the evolving and changes of the nature.

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