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Adi & Walrus – For Playful Manners 01

September 7, 2021

Adi & Walrus

For Playful Manners


“For Playful Manners” is a new label run by Raquel Rivera-Lys aka Adi from Colombia and Basic Moves head honcho Michiel Claus aka Walrus from Brussels.

Dreamt up spontaneously during a shared afternoon of listening to music in Berlin, the label’s manners centre on the feelings of friendship and fun in music, though its feet are always itching for the dancefloor and its various scenarios, while its head is turned firmly towards the future.

Crisp music is the message every time, with each split EP also thoughtfully balanced: male/female, machine/soul, robot/alien, flower/tree.

The artwork takes the form of a puzzle, which has to be solved to discover the tracks and their makers.
Let’s play!