Joe Delon joins new Lisbon collab Candy Carpets

Joe Delon will play at the first party organized by a new collective in Lisbon.
Candy Carpets is a collaboration between Lisbon record shop/distro/label/publisher Carpet & Snares and Candy Carpets, a new association set up by Berghain residents Steffi and Virginia at their home studio in the hills of the region of Mafra, not far from the city. Their first party will be an all-night rave held at Nada Temple on Tuesday 30 November (the day after is a public holiday).

“Something was sending out signals from the hills of Sobral Da Abelheira. It was showing up on the sensors at Carpet HQ in Lisbon. Something big. Something fun. Something…sugary? There was only one thing to do: the Carpet team piled into a car and set off in search of Candy Mountain…”

The vibe is an old-style rave for new horizons and on the night there will be sets from Steffi x Virginia, Carpet boss Jorge Caiado, and Joe Delon (Welt Discos) x Roy (Dream Ticket).

Visit RA to snatch 5€ early birds or, once those are gone, 10€ first release tickets.

WLTD003 Viewtiful Joe – Slappin’ Limerick EP

WLTD003 Viewtiful Joe

Slappin’ Limerick EP

Welt Discos, the label run by Joe Delon and distributed by Lisbon’s Carpet & Snares, is back with its third release, this time from Viewtiful Joe. With high octane artwork by marutonkun, the record is out now on the label’s Bandcamp and available shortly in online and physical stores.

Casablanca-born but living in Paris, Viewtiful Joe aka Jonas Bengio is a producer and sound designer who makes hardware jam-based dance music inspired by video games and fast cars. Part of the Casa Voyager family, he incorporates the essence of 80s electro-funk and boogie into contemporary electro and IDM forms.

The Slappin Limerick EP is futuristic in sound, yet harks back to the heyday of breakdance in the early-to-mid 80s. These battle-ready boogie jams explode with wiggly slap bass, soaring pop melodies and the funk to make you jump. Lock in and freak out!

Welt Discos is a vinyl and digital label started by Joe Delon in late 2019 and driven by a love of musicality in dance music. Reflecting Joe’s own taste as a DJ, the label aims to push body-moving grooves from across the dance music spectrum, with an ear always tuned to the pop, snap and funk of early synthesised club sounds.
Welt Discos is part of the Carpet & Snares family, which comprises a physical record store in Lisbon, an online store, a family of record labels, and Portugal’s only vinyl distribution for new club music.

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Pluie/Noir Interscapes 11

Interscapes 11

“Shake The Mind”

Sound mixed and compiled by Davy
Visual interpretation by Max Binski

Welcome to the new Pluie/Noir podcast series. 9 years after our debut we decided to press the reboot button and return to our roots. With a new format and back to a regular monthly schedule, Pluie/Noir Interscapes will feature audio collages, mixes, live interviews, and live recordings from P/N artists, friends, and other collectives we admire.


 Interscapes 011 welcomes Davy Vandegaer – The DJ, producer and Futurepast curator – for a very personal and bold sonic ride full of twists and turns and plenty of room for introspection. Digital artwork using gradient manipulation techniques by Max Binski, the Pluie/Noir and Rings of Neptune head-honcho aka Cleymoore. Interviews below: 

Davy 1


Hi Davy, welcome to the PN Interscapes series. How are you feeling lately?

Hey Bruno. Thanks for having me.

Am feeling good, thank you. Especially since clubs re-opened earlier this summer, I got very motivated and excited again about the future of electronic music – and club subsistence in general. I was lucky to play in some exciting gigs already, including club Kalt in Strasbourg and Belgium at C12, Listen Festival, and Voltage, which was the first after 18 months, and to be honest, I felt quite moved by the whole thing. Fingers crossed that we can get through the upcoming winter without any major issues.

Are you keeping active & creative since last year? You feel this past period had an impact on you and your music?

I certainly did manage to keep active. Even though reality got entirely upside down, and it was quite a punch in many ways, I have to admit it impacted me in a pretty positive way in terms of creativity and time management. I could entirely focus on studio work and take my time in there, which I enjoyed a lot. At the beginning of COVID, I started finalizing many projects, structuring and labeling them, including my debut album, which I’m very excited about. If all the timings run as planned, it will be coming beginning of 2022. 

At the beginning of COVID, I started finalizing many projects, structuring and labeling them, including my debut album, which I’m very excited about.

Did it also have an impact on your imprint futurepast and its creative direction? Will you explore ambient and downtempo further on futurepast, on par with your podcast series?

Definitely, by perceiving how isolation and alarming news got under our skin and being lucky enough to have the chance to observe and reflect on the situation. As a result, I started the parallel “Alternative Earth” series (only digital) that focuses on more experimental music, not just ambient and downtempo but with an open mindset for many genres, even instrumental or mixed (instrumental-electronic). Indeed a bit similar to the direction of our podcast series, where the aim is to push boundaries of (electronic) music and get very personal mixes from the artists involved. 

So you’ve been working on new music? What is driving your creativity lately and what are you focusing on?

On the producing hand, I have spent most of my time making music these last two years, experimenting with different styles and concepts. There are two new aliases in the pipeline which I can’t wait to reveal, such as the projects they brought to life. I can get inspiration from many different channels: moods, exhibitions, live events, the city, nature, and just by turning knobs in the studio. It’s very often the synths and drum machines that guide me somewhere as if they knew already what had to be created that day if that makes sense.

“…by perceiving how isolation and alarming news got under our skin and being lucky enough to have the chance to observe and reflect on the situation. As a result, I started the parallel “Alternative Earth” series‘…”


Tell us more about your contribution to the series, “Shake The Mind”? What was your creative process and idea for this mix, when and how did you record it?

I love challenging myself to experiment with different moods and genres in a podcast and try creating a journey with it, like storytelling to take the listener to different places. With this ‘Shake The Mind‘ mix, I started picking records randomly from my experimental shelves and going with the flow, from super slow to 142bpm towards the end, which was an interesting challenge. I had created 75% of the mix spontaneously. Then I prepared a bit of an ending to it to mix the whole thing again from the start. A lot of the records in the mix had been on my shelves for 5-6 years, pretty much untouched, but knowing I would do something with them someday, so here it is.
 For that reason, this mix became quite special to me personally.

Setup used: 2 x Technics 1210MK2, Allen & Heath Xone92


Any personal projects on your mind apart from music production and DJ’ing?  

We launched a T-shirt campaign in summer with Futurepast record label to raise awareness about the climate change crisis we are living, donating a percentage to Rainforresttrust. This organization actively protects the Amazon rainforest. I can genuinely feel connected to nature when spending time in it, taking pictures, and going on hikes. It inspires me and is where I always find a peaceful mind. Nature is by far the most beautiful art form there is, I find it. I will definitely keep trying to combine the art of sound-making and nature in my musical language. Possibilities are infinite.

Short, medium and long term goals?

Short term: A new Futurepast release is coming out mid-November by legendary Swedish trio ‘Frak.’ For decades, they have had a sound of their own, which I always admire and support! I feel honored and proud to release them. 

Medium: My debut album coming out early next year is definitely my big personal highlight. I’m counting down the days to it. I can’t wait for it to see the light.

Long term goals: To keep working with music for as long as my body allows it, improve my skills on my path, keep learning, and always prioritize curiosity and fun above all.

“My debut album coming out early next year is definitely my big personal highlight. I’m counting down the days to it. I can’t wait for it to see the light.”


Photos by Leandra Rollo, Rebecca Steimer, Davy Vandegaer


Healing Force Project– Analogic Prospectus – Acido
Oni Ayhun – OAR004-B – Oni Ayhun Records
Harry K. – Sense – Elektrolux
Gamma – Prang! – Big Dada Recordings
The Posterboys Of The Apocalypse – Dick Slots – Violent Turd
Duplex – P.O.M. (Time Dilation) Remix by Heinrich Mueller – Clone
Smea – Koala Grip – Börft
John Hughes Daydream – Drinking Gasoline – Cut Mistake Music
Tolouse Low Trax – Metal Tent – Antinote
Small Fish With Spine – SQ4 – Apollo
DM – untitled – Hör Zu!
John Hughes Daydream – Ebony Eyes – Cut mistake Music
B.W.P. Experiments – Download – Bonzai
Tritop – Reume – INFRACom!
Pavel Miljakov – Metal Ambience II – The Trilogy Tapes
Global Communication – Excerpts From The Land Of The Rising Sun – Evolution 17. Small Fish With Spine – The Hilltop – Apollo
John Hughes Daydream – Walk The Walk – Cut Mistake Music
Larry Heard – 25 years from Alpha – Black Market Records
Flexi – Untitled (Atelier Records)
M Gun – Intent – Futurepast
Drexciya – Habitat ‘O’ Negative – Tresor
Itinerant Dubs – Monkey – Itinerant Dub
Vintage Future – The Toxin – Underground Resistance
Suburban Knight – Night Vision – Underground Resistance
Plastikman – Digital / Divide – Novamute
Receptor – Antenas – Winsom Music
Silex – Holder – Vibrant Music
Jeff Mills – Glen21 – Tomorrow
Noisome – Dentate Gyrus – Kontakte


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Tripmastaz – Partying With Illusions


Partying With Illusions


Tripmastaz is back, this time drenched in Summery, laid-back Sunday vibes. The main title, appropriately named ‘Sunday Mix 1,’ is steeped in rich organ arrangements, deep vocals, and funky bass stabs, the kind of combination one wishes on a laid-back Sunday afternoon. The subtle percussive variations and the thorough but discreet synth work fill up the sonic space with an infectious swag – which is even more evident on ‘Mix # 3.1.’

And whereas the main title, “Sunday,” relies on a more laid-back approach, the flip-side ‘Puppi Luv’ literally flips the gears to a scenario where the groove is the focal point, and everything is playful – but strangely hypnotic. “Partying With Illusions” is a lush, uplifting record that finds Tripmastaz once again showcasing his skills as an outstanding music producer.

Ruben Lombroso mix for Nebula Collective

Nebula Collective

Ruben Lombroso

New Ruben Lombroso mix out for Nebula Collective.

Passionate about synthesizers, record collector and lover of natural phenomena as an infinite source of inspiration, Ruben’s compositions and performances of electroacoustic music have been proposed in different European festivals and concert halls, while his more recent side of rhythmic investigations has found a home on dance music labels Pager Records, Pluie/Noir Music, Sports Records and in European clubs like Club Der Visionare, Robert Johnson, Frieda’s Büxe.

Ruben’s new mix for Nebula collective now on soundcloud. Microhouse beats on a bouncing and uplifting mix, enjoy some good grooves!