ERIS – Trommel InSession 060

Trommel InSession 060


The dynamic duo of Enrica Falqui & Dea treads a bombastic line between breaks, electro leaning beats and of course everybody’s favourite buzz word ‘minimal’. Having turned out for some of our communities discerning platforms including Brave! Factory, HOR and The MUDD Show we couldn’t wait for them to show us what they are made of.

As you will be able to tell from their podcast for our InSession mix series they waste no time in warming things up and are not afraid in going too far in one direction. Their left of centre selections bristle with the kind of grooves and beats that explode a dancefloor and keeping the BPM’s high they take you along for the ride every time. Attitude is the name of the game with this mix so if you are needing an injection then press play and enjoy…

Crevette Records Podcast #03 – Walrus


Crevette Records


Walrus is a quixotic DJ and producer hailing from Brussels that revels in idiosyncratic club music. His record label Basic Moves is an adventurous journey through the outer limits of house, techno and electro with an outsider’s spirit at heart. Recently he launched two sub labels: a chill-out division called ‘Gems Under The Horizon’, and ‘For Playful Manners’, co-curated with Adi.

He is also the curator of the second-hand section at Crevette Records and is heavily involved in promoting underground club culture in Brussels and beyond.

Read the full interview here

 I imagine playing a long warm up set for at an outdoor space with a good sound system and me, as a deejay, transporting feelings over long distances. Feelings that people capture and slowly make them come closer, that make them start to dance to the music I’m playing and project this unknown energy back to me, kicking off the ceremony. « Open Spaces » also carries a more personal meaning for me as an artist. I’m really trying not to block myself (anymore) in a particular musical direction, sound, style or scene. I want to tell a story for you as a listener or dancer in the most open minded way possible. Not paying attention to how rare, unknown (let alone expensive) records are. Just me and my collection, pure, an open space. 

MEOKO Live Moments with Tripmastaz

MEOKO Live Moments


More summer moments are on the way, and these ones are as just unique as you can get. It may be for the music, or it may be for the exclusive location in Zanzibar for a special Zanzibiza x Pyramid event, but this 2-hours set will definitely leave you speechless. In charge of the night, Tripmastaz showed all his skills behind the decks with an incredible track selection that only featured old gems from the past (1986-1994) full of big-sounding raw grooves and contagious energy. Enough talking, let the music play!

Don’t forget to check out Tripmastaz 07 “Partying with Illusions” – released October 1st in all record stores worldwide:…ith-illusions/

Walrus IATTAI mix (for radio ALHARA Palestine)

“Walrus IATTAI mix (for radio ALHARA Palestine)”

Monday moods. Radio Alhara راديو الحارة from Palestine broadcasting a free floating electronica mix of mine for E/Tape and Baby Vulture’s IATTAI mix series.

XLR8R Podcast 716: Pressure Point

XLR8R Podcast 716

Pressure Point

Since he began spinning minimal and house records at friends’ parties in 2014, Pressure Point, the Italian DJ-producer also known as D:fferent Place, has never really locked back. Shirking away from the limelight that many of his compatriots have pursued, he’s instead released a stream of quality EPs that stylishly blend the the two genres that kick-started his journey in music nearly two decades ago. Next up is Ghost on Tape, a four-track outing on Pluie/Noir—a label in Berlin, one of Pressure Point’s former homes. It follows a collaborative track with Christopher Ledger on DeWalta‘s Meander.

Recorded last last month in celebration of the upcoming EP, Pressure Point’s XLR8R podcast is full of the complex compositions and deep melodies he’s known for. Much like Telharmonic Texture, it shines on a light on Pressure Point’s favorite artists: you’ll hear music from Edward, Youandewan, and Thomas Melchior, any many more. Fortunately, these are also some of XLR8R‘s favorite voices, so we’re also a big fan. Press play for just over an hour of wonky, effortless minimal groove.

Full article with interview on XLR8R

Modular live by Denis Kaznacheev

Denis Kaznacheev

Modular live improvisation


Vertige with soundtrack by KHMGNFF



“The cries the laughter the movements, they triumphantly assert that
every gesture is reversal”

KHMGNFF worked on the soundtrack of  VERTIGE, initially planned for the stage and choreographed as an immersive, sound-based production, VERTIGE was cancelled a few days before its premiere due to health restrictions in November 2020.

The collectif decided to transform this project using video while keeping the language of theatre and performance in order to find a new space through image.
After 9 months of hard work VERTIGE have finished the first part of the creation, i.e. the shooting of all the scenes of the project. This part was entirely self-produced.

They started a crowd funding to finance the second phase of work: Post-production.