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Nightclubber Podcast 153

Pressure Point

Pressure Point is distinguished by mixture of elaborated sounds complex groove compositions randomized fast-paced and a typically deep, melodic sound synthesis.

His productions are enclosed for the large part composed of synthesizers, modular synth, sounds wonky and nano-loops all designed by sequencer step, triggers and creative impulses creating a harmonious unsteady gait.

Pressure Point is also D:fferent Place.

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Interview with Walrus

Michiel Claus is a busy bee. He runs several labels, is an avid record collector and respected DJ travelling the world with his Walrus moniker, produces music and is part of the band bepotel records, works behind the counter at Crevette Records and manufactures furniture designed for record collectors and shops. Covid-19 only brought one activity from this lengthy list to a stop, the DJing in clubs we all miss like the desert misses the rain, but it didn’t slow Walrus down, quite on the contrary. He kept on pushing forward several new artists on his prolific label Basic Moves and inaugurated two brand new imprints For Playful Manners and Gems Under The Horizon. 


Being locked out of clubs was fertile ground for him to face a few challenging matters though, such as the hedonistic burdens that come with the buzzing night work and his obsessive collecting. As a result, Claus spent a lot of time in the beautiful Zoniënwoud the past year and insisted on taking our bikes deep into the forest for the photoshoot, while the rain was pouring out of the sky on one of May’s wettest days. 

Read the full interview with Walrus by Koen Galle here:

KōreroCast by Solaar





Passionate about music, she has been collecting, refining and exploring different styles of electronic music since 2013. An active member of FINOW ZOO, she has since honed her style and takes us on a journey through warm and deep sets, sailing between house and tech house. With this podcast, she brings us into her vinyl selection from pop music to Hip Hop.